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Illuminated Signs

For those situations where an image could use that extra pop, we deliver top quality light boxes and breathe extra life and light into pictures and reception screens.
Illuminated signs, Digital displays and LED are a great way to communicate your messages to visitors, customers, and even staff, in an effective and engaging way. Digital displays are great for video walls, shop window advertising, and a variety of other purposes.

Illuminated signs work around the clock to improve your brand’s visibility. These versatile signage solutions are resilient to the elements, energy-efficient, and are ideal for any time of day and lighting condition. LED signage is a great solution for outdoor messaging such as building signage and pylon signs.
Illuminated signs are very commonly used as shop signs and advertising signs because they are one of the most effective ways to ‘Stand Out’. The backlit element can be custom made in virtually any shape or size you can imagine using the latest LED lighting techniques.

Likewise, LED signage can be just as effective inside, highlighting interior displays like reception screens, wayfinding, and other vital information.
Spot On Signs delivers top quality LED illuminated signage to meet the demands of your business. We work one on one with you to create illuminated signs that adhere to your brand guidelines and tailor our approach to achieve maximum impact for your industry, business, and building.

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